Tanning & Beauty Salon Marketing Materials to Boost Sales

Our sleek range of tanning salon marketing support products has been exclusively designed for professionals who work with MoroccanTan. Our marketing materials help educate the client and promote products and services. It’s not enough to have the best tools and products to deliver a service; it’s also how you present the service that matters.

Our branding is impeccable, and that extends to the marketing materials we’ve specially designed for tanning salon and beauty salon marketing. Our point of sale products help catch the attention of your clients when they’re at the counter, helping to highlight products that can be easily missed when sitting on shelves. Our salon marketing materials allow you to make the most of the opportunity for upsells, helping you to boost each transaction.

Introducing Our Salon Marketing Materials:

  • MoroccanTan Accelerated Pull-Up Banner
  • MoroccanTan Original Pull-Up Banner
  • MoroccanTan Ingredients Pull-Up Banner
  • MoroccanTan Collection A2 Poster Pack
  • MoroccanTan Collection A1 Poster Pack
  • Tanning Heroes Counter Board
  • Skin Perfectors Counter Board
  • Window Decal – Small
  • Retail Flyers- 25 Pack
  • Loyalty Cards - 100 Pack
  • Appointment Cards - 100 Pack
  • Skin Perfectors POS Stand
  • Butter Sachets - 50 Pack
  • Primer Sachets - 50 Pack
  • Instant Tanning Lotion Sachets - 50 Pack
  • Luminous Lotion Sachets - 50 Pack
  • Flawless Sachets - 50 Pack
  • Retail Bags - 25 Pack
  • Cosmetic Bag – Large

Claim More Sales with Help from Our Marketing Materials

When it comes to salon marketing, MoroccanTan comes prepared. With our wealth of tanning and beauty salon marketing materials, our high-quality products are reinforced. Browse our online shop to view our products before you check out!

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