Pre Tan Prep with MoroccanTan

Pre tan products are essential to get your skin prepped for a tan. MoroccanTan products work effortlessly by adding moisture and natural beneficial ingredients deep into the skin surface. When it comes to pre tan skin prep, we have curated the perfect range of products to add as a part of your tanning regime.

Our Available Pre Tan Prep Products

The secret behind every flawless home tan is ensuring the skin has been prepped and primed correctly with the right pre tan products. MoroccanTan’s pre tan prep range will help you achieve optimum results and extend the life of your tan.

MoroccanTan Skin Refining Primer

Get skin ready for our salon quality self-tanning products. Your result is only as good as your pre spray tan preparation. Also available in primer sachets for salon use.

Tanning Essentials Tan Eraser Mousse

This spray tan prep mousse is the easiest and gentlest way to remove tanning product – no scrubbing necessary!

Tanning Essentials 2-in-1 Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliation is a vital step in the pre fake tan prep process to ensure you have the perfect canvas to create a flawless tan. Our gentle pre tan exfoliator glove makes exfoliating easy.

More on Tan Remover & Spray Tan Primer

Before tanning, or even after if you have extra tan on your hands, you may need tan remover. Our self-tan remover quickly shifts tan product from your skin without any harsh treatment or excessive scrubbing.

Spray tan primer and cleanser is another crucial part of self-tanning prep. Tan primer helps to exfoliate your skin and imbibe the skin layers with luscious plant oils. All of our products are made in Australia from the highest quality natural and vegan ingredients – ethically sourced, of course. 

Get Prepped with MoroccanTan

If you want an outstanding tan, it’s vital to invest in proper skin preparation and pre tan products. To discover the best pre spray tan prep products, including pre tan moisturiser, primer, mousse and other options, browse our online shop today. View our pre care spray tan products and check out what we have before you buy online, or call us on 1300 181 281.

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