Professional Spray Tan Equipment for a Flawless Finish

When it comes to spray tan equipment, MoroccanTan only collaborates with Tanning Essentials – the number one tanning equipment brand. Together, we offer not only innovative equipment of a standard that’s hard to match, but also a range of high-quality formulas. Tanning Essentials’ professional tanning equipment ensures a superior result while still remaining affordable for professional tanning salons. Next time you’re looking for spray tan equipment in Australia, make sure you check out our range.

To get the best tanning results possible, it’s important to use the most professional tools available. A professional spray tan machine is a wise investment that will quickly and easily pay back its own cost. ROI is high with our Tanning Essentials spray tan machine in Australia. You won’t find a better tanning machine to suit our products anywhere else.

Our Range of Spray Tan Machines & Other Equipment

We have an extensive range of professional spray tan equipment, brought to you by our partner, Tanning Essentials. The range includes both spray tan machines as well as all the spray tan accessories you need, such as a spray tan extraction fan. Look for some of these models when you shop:

  • Rapid Spray Tan System
  • Pro V Spray Tan System – Black
  • Pro V Spray Tan System – Graphite
  • Pop-Up Tent 1/3 Clear
  • Wall Hanging Spray Curtain
  • MoroccanTan Spray Station
  • Clean Air Extraction Triple Fan
  • Portable Clean Air Extraction Unit
  • Mobile Clean Air Extraction Unit
  • Pro Mobile Case
  • Rapid Applicator – Black
  • Pro V Applicator – Black
  • Rapid Hose
  • Pro V Hose
  • Rapid Solution Cups
  • Pro V Solution Cups
  • Clean Air Extraction Unit Filters - 6 Pack
  • Clean Air Extraction Unit Filters - Twin Pack
  • Mobile Clean Air Extraction Filters - 4 Pack

Want the Best Results? Invest in Professional Spray Tan Equipment Today

If you truly want the best results in your salon, investing in professional spray tan equipment is a must. Our spray tan equipment in Australia is a perfect match for our spray tan solutions, producing an even, deep finish that your clients will love. Have a browse online before you purchase our spray tan equipment! You can also contact us for recommendations of what to buy as part of your spray tan equipment starter kit.

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