Professional Spray Tan Solution Packs for Perfect Results Everytime

Buy MoroccanTan’s spray tan solution packs wholesale for maximum value. We make it easy to buy professional spray tan wholesale in packs of three to save money while still receiving a premium quality product. Our solutions areof the highest quality tanning products on the market, being natural, organic, vegan and ethically sourced. Our professional spray tan solution packs offer a flawless result with every application.  


Nourishment & Colour at the Same Time


Our premium tanning solutions work to nourish and colour the skin to ensure you clients skin achieves the healthiest tan. That’s one of the unique points of our products, which you will experience when you try one of our sample packs. Choose from the following spray tan solution packs wholesale:


  • MoroccanGold 2-Hour 8% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack
  • MoroccanOriginal 2-hour 10% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack
  • MoroccanBronze 2-hour 12% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack
  • MoroccanCoco 2-hour 14% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack
  • MoroccanNights 1-Hour 15% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
  • MoroccanDusk 2-hour 11% DHA 1 Litre - 3 Pack
  • MoroccanOriginal Collection Sample Pack
  • MoroccanTan Best Of Summer Sample Pack
  • MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack
  • MoroccanTan Exotic Collection Sample Pack


Each variety of our tanning solution suits a different kind of skin type, with normal, oily, dry or mature skin needing different treatment for the best results. We recommend all professional solutions for normal skin, while sensitive, dry or mature skin is better matched with the Exotic and Accelerated products. For oily skin types, we recommend our Original collection products. Not sure which variety of tanning solutions to buy? Check out our sample professional spray tan solution packs, allowing you to try out different products on different skin types to see what works best.


Buy Convenient Packs for Your Salon Today


Once you’re set on what you need, invest in our three-packs of MoroccanTan products to get the best value. View our products by having a browse of our online shop today!

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