Skin Perfectors | Bronzers & Illuminators

Feel confident in your own skin with the MoroccanTan range of skin perfectors. Our enhancing products work harmoniously to create flawless, glowing skin. What exactly is a skin enhancer? It could be a bronzer or an illuminator that does everything to highlight your good points and minimise small imperfections in the skin.


Our skin contour or skin highlight product contain 100% natural organic powder designed in Australia that will enhance your skin. When you use our bronze and highlight set, you can will experience a flawless result. Beautifully contoured skin using cruelty free, vegan and ethically sourced ingredients is within your reach thanks to MoroccanTan.


Skin Perfectors for Salons


We also have skin perfectors salon counter kits and sachets that make a great gift with purchases to encourage repeat customers. The displays you have at the counter of your salon can increase product awareness and sales, so make sure you invest in our POS skin perfector system which organises our products to the best advantage.


Want Perfect Skin?


Our range of skin perfectors and skin enhancers are here to help you achieve perfectly flawless skin, allowing you to contour and highlight your best features and complement your salon or DIY tanl Browse our range online and shop today!
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