Get an Instant Tan with our Self Tanning Products

MoroccanTan has a range of self-tanning products that are formulated to deliver the same results you achieve from our Professional collection, but in the comfort of your own home. Customise your colour by personalising and refining rinse times to suit you and your desired colour.


Why Our Self-Tanning Lotions Are So Unique


Our natural and organic self-tan comes in a spray, mousse, dry oil or bronzer form to suit any application preference. Use a tanning mitt for a more even application and feel our self-tanning lotions effortlessly work  into the skin, along with their beneficial organic and natural ingredients for sensitive skin. 


We believe tan products shouldn’t just deliver a deep bronzed hue, but should also be part of your skin care solution, delivering moisture deep into the skin’s cells. That’s why our instant self-tanning products have ethically sourced ingredients such as Pure Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Aloe Vera to completely nourish your skin as well as providing a rich deep tan. No self-tanners have ever been so hydrating and nourishing to your skin as MoroccanTan.


In addition, we also offer self-tanning kits to make your home tanning experience even easier. If you’re in need of rejuvenating a fading tan or just want to add more colour  to your skin in a rush, the instant wash off tan will provide you with results instantly.


Want the Perfect Home Airbrush Tan in Australia?


Whether you want that perfect airbrush tan look all year round, choose MoroccanTan’s range of tanners in spray, mouse or oil form. We have a wide range of natural and organic self-tan products all designed to optimise your home tanning result. All of our products feature the same natural, organic, high-quality ingredients as our Professional collection, but you get to enjoy them at home! Our luxurious tan products deeply moisturise your skin while delivering a deep, bronzed hue that will give you an exotic glow. Browse our shop online to view our products and get free shipping at check out when you spend over $200.
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