Different Ways to Remove Fake Tan

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Different Ways to Remove Fake Tan

December 11, 2012

Spray tanning is a great and safe alternative to exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful UV rays, but sometimes a tan doesn’t come how you wanted it to, whether there is uneven application or it doesn’t quite suit your natural skin colour you’ll be looking for a safe and fast way to remove fake tan. Even though the tan does not fully vanish with these tricks, it will make a noticeable difference in the colour.

Here are some steps you can take on how to remove fake tan at home:

  • Apply olive oil or baby oil on yourself and bathe in warm water. The oil helps to loosen the dyed dead skin cells and in effect your tan is more easily removed.

  • Sit in a tub filled with warm water and add moisturising formula to the bath, this gently nourishes the dead skin cells and helps to remove fake tan blemishes!

  • Another trick to try with a warm bath is adding baking soda to the mix; the soda acts, as bleach would in helping remove fake tan tell tale signs.

  • Exfoliation is also effective in how to remove fake tan and it can also help you achieve smoother glowing skin! If your skin is looking a little dry at first then apply some baby oil to the skin first.

  • Make this simple mixture at home and apply it over the body: mix 1 cup sugar with ½ cup lemon juice. The sugar granules rub off the dead skin cells as scrubs do, while the lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent. Apply this mixture for a few minutes and then rinse off with warm water to remove fake tan disasters.

  • Using hair removal cream over the body is also a great instant way to strip the tan from your skin, but we sure to test out the solution on your skin first to ensure that it does not irritate the skin.

  • If your nails have turned orange from the spray tan, use acetone on them, this easily and effectively removes the tan stains from the nails.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide to remove fake tan that has accumulated on the hands, heels, or underarms. This harsh chemical should not be used entirely over the body, but just on over-browned or patchy areas of the body.

  • And finally our favourite how to remove fake tan secrets is using our good old loofah or scrubbing sponge to get rid of any unpleasant orange shades!