How to Apply a Fake Tan

Sunday, October 16, 2022

How to Apply a Fake Tan

October 16, 2012

You can help avoid the the damaging effects of the sun and still enjoy that beautiful sun kissed tan look by using a sunless tanning lotion which helps you achieve that healthy glow you’ll love. Here are some tips on how to apply fake tan:

1. Exfoliating your skin prior to a tanning session helps you to avoid uneven or blotchy tan results. Simply rub a body scrub all over your skin while paying particular attention to dry spots like knees, ankles and elbows. Getting rid of your dead skin layer helps the spray tan solution stick to your freshly exfoliated skin and hang on for longer.

2. Moisturize everyday of the week prior to your tanning session. Remember to apply body lotion immediately after your shower or bath. Some areas of your body like the knees, elbows and ankles are often drier than other areas of the body. Moisturizing your skin helps prevents these areas from soaking up the tanning lotion which may lead to blotchy colouring.

3. Do not apply the sunless tanner in your steamy bathroom. A tip that easily is overlooked when looking for the best way on how to apply fake tan. Because the bathroom contains heat and moisture, you’re more likely to start sweating, so your freshly applied tan can easily start to melt and drip, thus causing streaks. Since hot skin will also have the same effect, be sure to wait until your skin has cooled down after your shower before you can apply the sunless tanning lotion.

4. Take your time when applying your sunless tanning lotion, starting with your legs, work from the outside in. Go from the top down using a circular motion to prevent the lotion from streaking. Go on to apply the lotion on the back of your hands and arms and then finally work it into your torso. To get better results, ensure that you pay close attention to the area that you are working on.

5. Wash your hands several times during the application process, approximately every 5 minutes during the sunless tanning helps to avoid your hands from ending up with an unwanted orange shade. Another alternative is using latex gloves.

6. Wait for about 15 minutes before you get dressed. It may feel odd as you wait for your sunless tanning lotion to dry, but waiting is essential part of the process, to avoid staining your sheets or the tan rubbing off on your clothes.

If you follow these tips on how to apply fake tan, you’re sure to get the best results from your spray tanning lotion. Enjoy the golden glow!