How to Prepare for a Spray Tan

Sunday, October 23, 2022

How to Prepare for a Spray Tan

October 23, 2012

Generally, what you do with your spray tan can mean the difference between a good spray tan and a bad one. Spray tan preparation is the key to an even golden tan so here are some great tips on how to prepare for a spray tan:

1. Exfoliate your body before going in for a spray tan. You should remember that a spray tanning solution only affects dead skin cells build up on top of your skin. If you exfoliate your skin before a spray tanning session then the layer will be much shallower and your tan will last longer, so it is a crucial first step in how to prepare for a spray tan. Be sure to either use an exfoliating glove or a product that doesn’t contain any oils, as oil products tend to create a barrier that can prevent the spray tanning solution from getting through.

2. Avoid using any moisturizer, deodorant or makeup prior to your spray tanning session. This is important in spray tan preparation as some makeup products and moisturizers can act as barriers to the spray tanning solution. In effect the full amount of the spray tanning solution isn’t able to properly attach itself to the skin. In addition, many deodorants prevent the spray tanning solution from going through, while others may turn the arm pits green.

3. Wear loose clothing after your spray tanning session – this is the staple rule in how to prepare for a spray tan. Although you may have to wipe out any excess spray tanning solution using a towel or by drying it out in front of a fan, the tan needs to develop for it to look good. Loose clothes and shoes therefore ensure that you do not rub off your spray tan before it is ready.

4. Shave or wax your legs before your spray tanning session – our final step in spray tan preparation is to wax or shave prior to your spray tanning session. Also, wash your legs properly after waxing to ensure that you remove any residue of wax, as this can greatly interfere with how well your spray tan develops. You are also likely to take off some of your tan with the hair if you shave after spray tanning. If you’re using a spray tan solution that contains a bronzer, it will be best to wax or shave 2 days prior to your spray tanning session as the bronzer is likely to get into the newly created pores and give you that unwanted ‘spotty look.’