How to Remove a Fake Tan

Saturday, April 9, 2022

How to Remove a Fake Tan

April 9, 2013

Nothing is easier than getting an instant bronzed look with your favourite sunless tanner, however, when something goes wrong you need the safest and fastest tips on how to remove fake tans.

How to Remove Fake Tan Tip 1: Baby Oil

Baby oil is a great fake tan remover. All you need to do is coat your skin with the oil and massage it into your skin. Leave the oil on your skin for about half an hour and then take a warm bath or shower using an exfoliating mitt to remove your fake tan gently. Baby oil works because it softens the skin cells and makes them easier to remove using the exfoliating mitt.

How to Remove Fake Tan Tip 2: Bicarbonate Soda

Bicarbonate Soda (not baking soda) is another great fake tan remover. Mix the bicarbonate soda with some water to make a paste and apply the thick paste to your skin. Bicarb soda is also oxygenating, which means this will prepare your skin when it comes to sloughing off the top layer of darkened skin cells.

How to Remove Fake Tan Tip 3: Lemon Juice

Have you ever tanned your hands accidentally? Well, there’s a way to hide those tell tale signs – lemon juice is a great fake tan remover if you only need to take care of small areas of the skin instead of getting rid of the whole tan. To create an instant fake tan remover that will also exfoliate your skin, simply mix together lemon juice and raw sugar for a natural homemade scrub.

How to Remove Fake Tan Tip 4: Hair Removal Cream

Another great fake tan remover is hair removal cream. This is a great method for removing any mistakes while applying your fake tan. Simply spread across the hair removal cream on the problem area, wipe off and reapply.

How to Remove Fake Tan Tip 5: Fake Tan Remover Product

If you’re looking for more professional methods, there are fake tan remover products. A great benefit of buying a manufactured fake tan remover is that you can always have it ready whenever you need it