How to Use a Spray Tan Machine

Sunday, November 20, 2022

How to Use a Spray Tan Machine

November 20, 2012

A spray tan machine can make or break your tanning streak. Either for your spray tanning business, or for trying it at home, so it’s important to know how to use a spray tan machine to create the best natural looking tan. The right way to use a spray tan machine is by following certain steps. Follow our recommended steps on the best ways to use your spray tanning machine for professional looking results:

• Exfoliation before the spray tanning procedure is vital. Make sure the skin you spray tan over has been scrubbed well so that the dead skin cells are removed from the topmost layer of the skin to help increase the life of your spray tan.

• Apply a barrier cream on the hands, feet and dry areas of the skin like the knees and elbows. These areas of the body are more prone to absorbing the spray tan solution and ultimately they end up darker than the rest of the body.

• Set up the room where you will use the spray tan machine. This area should have proper ventilation or an air filter machine so that the over spray is not inhaled. Place a towel to stand on for the duration of your spray tanning session to avoid any unwanted stains on your floor.

• Add 2-3 ounces of the spray tanning solution in the cartridge of the spray tan machine and close the lid tightly to avoid any dripping or spilling of the solution.

• Set the airflow knobs of the spray tan machine to high if you desire a dark tone, or keep it on low for a light shade or if you’re spray tanning younger children.

• Adjust the spray tan machine’s fan spray pattern depending on which area of the body you’re covering. When spray tanning a larger part of the body like the back and torso, set the fan pattern to horizontal to get wider coverage, or set the fan pattern to vertical for narrow areas like the wrists and ankles.

• It’s important to make sure you hold on to the gun of the spray tan machine straight and keep it vertical to avoid an uneven spray tanning look. Spray in vertical stripes on the front of the body until you reach the lower hips and legs.

• The arms and legs should be spray tanned in vertical stripes. Move the limb away from the body so you can spray the sides of their skin evenly and entirely so that the torso does not overlap.

• Raise the arms and spray down starting from the armpit to the hip.

• Spray the legs, one at a time beginning from the top and moving down to the ankle. The knee should be sprayed lightly while it is kept bent.

• Turn in the leg so the inner thigh is sprayed easily.

• When spray tanning the face, hold your breath and spray in three directions on the face – the forehead, from temple to chin, and the sides of the face in circular swipes.

• Spray over the hands and the feet lightly.

• Dry for at least 10 minutes before dressing up.