Professional Spray Tan Techniques

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Professional Spray Tan Techniques

September 24, 2012

You can easily enhance your spray tanning results, make your tan last longer and achieve a professional spray tan, by following some simple directions. These directions can be divided into 3 steps – preparation before the session, application of spray tan, and aftercare.


Preparing before your spray tan is essential to achieving a professional spray tan. The main goal of this step is to remove any excess oil and dead skin cells from the very top layer of your skin. This leaves a smooth layer of skin, primed and ready to absorb the spray tanning solution. Here are the professional spray tan techniques that should be followed before the session:

  • Wax or shave before the spray tanning session so that your tan does not fade soon.

  • Bath or shower prior to the session and make sure you use an exfoliator or scrub. This will remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin.

  • Do not wear perfumes, deodorants, makeup or lotions as these can interfere with the absorption of the spray tanning solution.

Spray Tan Application

The spray tan solution is applied with the help of a spray tan gun or airbrush. Here are the professional spray tan techniques to follow during the spray tan session:

  • Keep your eyes closed when the mist is sprayed.

  • Wear a nose filter during the session to avoid inhaling any of the solution.

  • The area where you will be spray tanned should have proper ventilation or an air extraction unit should be installed there.

  • Spray tan 4 to 6 inches away from the body.

  • Spray over the back in vertical movements.

  • Place the arm on the sides in a way that the palms face the thighs. Spray from the top of the arm till the wrists.

  • Spray the legs in vertical stripes. Spray the legs, one at a time with the gun of the spray tan machine. Begin from the top and move down to the ankle. Spray the knee lightly while keeping it bent. Repeat this step on the next leg.

  • Turn in the leg so the inner thigh is sprayed easily. Raise the arms and spray down starting from the armpit to the hip.

  • When spray tanning the face, hold your breath. Spray in three directions on the face – the forehead, from temple to chin, and the sides of the face in circular swipes.

  • Spray over the hands and the feet lightly, or not at all as overspray tends to tan these in a natural pattern.


Maintaining your spray tan prolongs the life of your tan by offsetting the natural fading caused by the skin’s renewal process. Read these professional spray tan techniques for caring for the spray tan after the session:

  • Put your clothes back on only after 5-10 minutes have passed.

  • Wear loose and dark clothes after the procedure as the tanning solution will rub off.

  • Avoid activities that make you sweat and perspire as your tan can streak. Such activities include sports, exercise, dancing, etc.

  • Ensure you do not shower or swim until 8-12 hours after the session.

  • Only use a body wash or soap that has an alkaline base.

  • Do not rub the towel harshly on your body after showering, bathing or swimming. Dab yourself dry instead.

  • Moisturise twice a day to prolong the life of your tan.