Salon Profile: Viva Laser & Skin Clinic

Friday, July 29, 2022

Salon Profile: Viva Laser & Skin Clinic

July 29, 2014

About Viva Laser & Skin Clinic -
Winner of our competition which allowed them to have their salon profile on our blog!

At Viva Laser & Skin Clinic, our mission is to provide the highest quality treatments in an informed, caring and professional environment.

Viva offers Laser Hair Removal using Candela GentleLase, Skin rejuvenation, Blonde hair removal, Waxing, Tinting, Ultraceuticals facials, Peels and Spray tanning.

We are renowned for our flawless application, colour choices and tanning styles with our excellent service. All our Viva tanning sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include a personalised colour consultation with a highly trained therapist.

We are conveniently located on Concord Rd, North Strathfield, Sydney.

Why does Viva salon choose to use MoroccanTan?

The ingredients found in MoroccanTan are the reason why we love using this particular brand. It gives our clients the perfect natural finish.

The product is enriched with Argan oil and Vitamin E to help soften and moisturise the skin, which then helps produce a deeper bronze finish that is flawless and streak-free. The organic Argan oil helps hydrate the skin making our spray tans last longer on our clients.

But not only do we love the triple moisturising formula, we love the DHA certified natural organic ingredients that allow the tan to develop into a rich brown colour in only 2 hours and only 1 hour with our new Moroccan Nights solution.

We also like how the solutions are green based and violet based, which means no orange tones.

What do Viva salon’s customers think of MoroccanTan?

Our clients absolutely love MoroccanTan. We have always had positive feedback and have had amazing customer referrals. The best feedback we receive is about how well the tan comes off; all our clients are astounded with how natural the colour is as it starts to fade away and  how it isn’t noticeable, especially around hands and feet.

Clients are also surprised with how long the spray tan can last when properly being guided with the correct recommended home care. Here are two testimonials from happy Viva customers:

“I have tried so many different spray tans from all different salons that have given me a very unnatural look. I was recommended by a friend to go to Viva and I have not been disappointed, not only was my colour amazing but the service was wonderful. I highly recommend Viva Laser & Skin Clinic to anyone wanting that amazing flawless application.” 


“Being a male, at first I was a bit sceptical about having a spray tan, but after having a consultation with Cat the therapist I was very comfortable not only did I love how natural it looked but I’ve been addicted ever since and have recommend a lot of my mates. I highly recommend Cat at Viva Laser & Skin Clinic to anyone who wants to have an amazing, natural looking tan.” 


What at home MoroccanTan products does Viva recommend to customers?

We recommend two beautiful Self Tan Gradual & Extenders to our clients. These are MoroccanTan Glow 2 in 1 Extender and MoroccanTan Luminous 3 in 1 Extender & Gradual Tan Mousse.

Glow 2 in 1 Extender is a gradual self tanner that’s perfect for prolonging a MoroccanTan. It’s also a gradual tanner that adds colour after each application. This self-tan lotion leaves our clients skin feeling soft and silky with a beautiful natural glow. This particular product is highly recommended by Viva because it is suitable for all skin types, quick drying, non-sticky, non-oily and absorbs deeply to help nourish the skin so it glows.

Luminous 3 in 1 Extended & Gradual Mousse glides effortlessly onto the skin, which is easy for clients to use giving them a natural tan. It’s enriched with Vitamins and rosehip oil and Argan oil and has a firming and toning technology to help firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We recommend the mousse because it is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily to help build a tan or extend the colour after a spray tan.