How To Self-Tan | An Easy Guide

Thursday, November 24, 2022

How To Self-Tan | An Easy Guide

DIY tanning sounds wayyyyy more daunting than it is. We have all heard tanning horror stories, waking up with a hand print on the side of a face, one leg darker than the other, patchy/scaley crocodile skin, etc. etc. 

The only time we feel confident to tan is when we make the time to book an appointment and have our trusty tan lady bronze us up (p.s the trusty tan lady is the best!!), BUT we are here to show you how easy it is to tan anytime, anywhere! 

Wax Or Shave 24 Hours Before Application

Removing unwanted hair 24 hours before the application will help ensure that the pores have enough time to close before and help avoid those pesky little dots that can appear. 

If you decide to tan last minute, don't stress!!! After shaving, end your shower with a cold rinse to help close up your pores.

Exfoliate Your Skin 24 Hours Prior 

Take the time to prep your skin correctly by ensuring the skin has been thoroughly exfoliated. MoroccanPrimer can be used on the skin before tanning or as a weekly skin treatment. Creating a smooth skin surface ensures the product is applied evenly, and you avoid a streaky/patchy tan. For more invigorating results, try pairing with a Tanning Essentials Exfoliating Glove.

Use A High-Quality Application Mitt

Investing in a high-quality application mitt will allow you to apply your DIY tanner easily without worrying about ending up with orange palms. MoroccanTan's woven velour Blend & Buff Mitt will smooth the perfect amount of product when wet and seamlessly buffs out the product when dry, creating a flawless streak-free tan. 

Moisturise Dry Areas

To avoid tan build-up, apply a moisturiser like MoroccanButter to the dry areas of your body. Common areas known to grab product are; elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, hands & feet.  

*it's important only to moisturise the dry parts and avoid any moisturiser, deodorant, lotions, or oils all over the body as this will interfere with the tan.

Select The Right DIY Tanner For You

If you're new to DIY tanning, we recommend Our Instant Self-Tanning Dry Oil or Instant Tanning Mousse for an easy application. Apply to the body in circular motions, working in small sections. A deep bronze will appear immediately and works as a guide to ensure you don't miss any areas! To help keep each area nice and even, count how many pumps you do for each arm/leg and repeat on the other side! 

Use A Back Brush

Applying self-tanner to your back can be tricky if no one is around. If you don't have a back mitt/brush, grab a wooden spoon and attach your tanning mitt, holding it in place by tying a hair tie around the base of the application mitt. 

Don't Forget Your Face

Don't be afraid to apply self-tanner to your face. Self-tanning products have come a long way in recent years and are safe to use on your face. All MoroccanTan products are enhanced with skin-loving ingredients to help hydrate and nourish your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, we recommend trying a light mist like MoroccanAirbrush

Sit Back And Relax! 

Once you've finished applying, allow the product to dry completely before putting on loose dark clothing. Rinse times vary depending on the colour you want, so check the packaging or website for a breakdown of rinse times. Avoid any contact with water until you rinse! 

Ready To Rinse

Once the waiting period has passed, shower using only lukewarm water (no soaps/body wash) until the water runs clear, then gently pat your body dry! Avoid washing your hair during this shower, as the hair product can strip the tan or cause it to streak! 

Caring For Your Tan

Just as vital as the prep is the post-care! To maintain and extend the life of your tan we recommend using a moisturiser or tan extender twice daily to ensure the skin is well-hydrated. For boosted results, we recommend our Luminous Lotion, which has been purposely created to prolong and enhance your tan.