The Different Types of Spray Tan Guns

Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Different Types of Spray Tan Guns

November 27, 2012

There are several different types of spray tanning guns available on the market today, these include:

1. Airbrush tanning compressor. This type of spray tan gun is cheaper and makes less noise than other handheld spray tan equipment. However, due to the limited narrow spray delivery, the typical airbrush tends to deliver more overspray than any other spray tan gun. It also takes a lot longer to apply a full spray tan using the airbrush, with the average time between 25 to 40 minutes.

2. Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP). These spray tanning guns operate at around 1 PSI of pressure and the flow and spray pattern can be adjusted as required. This ensures that there is very little overspray thus making them quite efficient.

3. High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP). This spray tan gun is similar to the LVLP but it operates at a slightly higher pressure between 4 to 10 PSI. Because of the extra turbines that it uses it is far less noisy to operate.

The LVLP and HVLP spray tanning guns are more suited for spray tans in comparison to the typical airbrush compressor. The spray tan solution is applied in a similar way to the airbrush but using a spray gun. They deliver a more even and quicker spray tan mist because of the way that they are designed.

When using the LVLP or HVLP spray tanning guns, you can expect your spray tan to last between 5-10 minutes. Also, the quality of your spray tan will largely depend on the skill of the spray tan technician. This equipment is noisier and more expensive than the airbrush compressor.

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a spray tan gun:

1. Choose a spray tan gun that holds about 2 or more ounces of liquid. You need about 2 ounces to be able to adequately cover the body. This can also help you to figure out the cost of the tanning solution that you require for each client.

2. Decide whether you want a siphon feed, gravity feed or side feed equipment. Most people prefer siphon feed equipment because they enable them to control the use of solution.

3. Ensure that the cost of your spray tanning gun is one that fits well into your budget.