Tips and Tricks for taking care of your Spray Tan Equipment

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tips and Tricks for taking care of your Spray Tan Equipment

August 9, 2013

Whether it’s for salon or personal use, lets get one thing straight; if you love your spray tan equipment, it will love you right back in return. Your equipment is an asset so it is important to treat it that way so that you can get as much out of it as you can. While maintenance guides are provided with the majority of spray tan equipment brands, it is very important not to overlook these things as it may potentially cause issues and problems in the future for both you and your equipment.

Spray Applicator Maintenance

It is imperative that at the end of each day of spray tanning you empty the excess solution from the cup out. Once you have done so, fill the cup with warm water and spray it through the applicator on the highest spray setting available. This will ensure there will be no blockages of spray tan solution solidifying and potentially clogging up your applicator.

Cleaning Your Equipment

If you are wanting to give your machine a thorough clean to remove residue and overspray it is recommended to utilize a soft cloth on your equipment. Windex and Mr Sheen are recommended products that are non abrasive and will maintain the gloss on your machine. Remember to place your spray tan unit behind you as you are spray tanning as opposed to positioning it in front to reduce the chance of overspray onto your machine.

Cleaning Your Filter

The filter is located on the bottom of most turbine units.; directly underneath. It is important for you to monitor how dirty this little square sponge is! Remove the filter when required and wash with warm water. Ensure that the filter is completely dry before refitting it back into the machine. If the filter is dirty it can potentially obstruct the air from entering the machine and can cause many problems resulting in permanent damage to your unit.

Last But Not Least

Show your equipment some TLC! Some tender loving care can go a long way. Keep in mind if we neglect or misuse our equipment there is every chance the manufacturer may void the warranty.