What colour spray tan will you choose?

Sunday, January 29, 2023

What colour spray tan will you choose this summer?

January 29, 2015

In our eyes, your best summer accessory is always a fabulous spray tan, but like any piece you adorn your outfit with, there are choices to make. Like your best silver and gold jewellery items, there are shades of spray tans to choose from. So what look will you go for this summer? MoroccanTan has you covered, catering for all skin types and the ability to customise each spray tan experience for every tone and occasion.

Soft, Honey Tones

Ideal for those simply wanting a natural golden glow, MoroccanGold is designed for fair skin types and is often used as the perfect wedding tan or the ideal winter shade.

Warm Chocolate Tones

Opt for MoroccanTan Original Collection to achieve the ideal medium bronzed warm chocolate effect. This green based solution is free from any orange tones and will complement any skin tone.

Deep Chocolate Tones

For a deeper bronze this summer, MoroccanTan Coco is your pick. This new release shade is also a green-based tan and suitable for all skin types, but is the deepest shade for those looking to achieve a dark olive shade.

Cool, Ashy Tones

Those with an olive complexion best suit the MoroccanTan Exotic Collection, featuring a violet based solution. MoroccanTan Nights and MoroccanTan Dusk both use rich violet based tones to create a cool, ashy toned bronze.

No matter your shade though, all MoroccanTan is infused a trademarked blend of luxurious argan oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E and aloe vera for a deeply hydrating effect on the skin, ensuring a longer lasting tan.